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server move

posted by: lorddef at 18:49:47 on 15 Mar 2007 :

Downgraded my hosting to just IP forwarding this week and moved everything into the house. Made a few changes to code ready for php5 and zapped a few security issues I was unaware of back in 2004.


Not that it really matters, this site is old and I'm sure nobody has visited the weblog since I removed mosaik.

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posted by: lorddef at 10:08:42 on 15 Feb 2005 :

I have implemented a simple weblog to replace mosaik on the site, this is for two main reasons a) mosaik is unfortunately slower than a fat bastard, and b) link spamming on mosaik is now out of hand.

I'll still continue to mirror my posts on mosaik, it's just that they will be in entirely separate databases, with entirely separate post and comment tables. This gives me the power to add some form of comment locking or verification in the near future to avoid this link spamming.

Also the Meds and Rolex spams with forged lorddef.net headers seem to have subsided now, but for how long I can't say.

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posted by: lorddef at 14:25:39 on 08 Nov 2004 :

Slight modifications to site codebase.

- The gallery and download sections now require a quick registration before viewing. Loging in has the advantage that you can post stuff on this front page, if I OK the post it will be displayed.

- Gallery backend now SQL based, I figured chomping away at text files was pointless now everything else is SQL.

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Version 5.5 Ready to go live

posted by: lorddef at 12:05:27 on 24 Oct 2004 :

So version 5.5 of the site has been ready to go live for about 3 months now, after previous trial on www.lorddef.dyndns.org I have made the decision to move the site onto lorddef.net. The server move was ridiculously smooth due to the design of the new code and the only reason I didn?t move it earlier is lack of time.

Still very rough around the edges but I feel the new codebase beats the old even in its unpolished form.

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posted by: lorddef at 18:50:23 on 31 Jul 2004 :

I haven't gotten round to modifying the site since my last burst of coding over a month ago. This is mainly due to my dev server playing up (a hard disk went bang) and boredom, I'm getting rather bored of computers.

I will do more work on the site, one day.

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Aditional Changes

posted by: lorddef at 23:46:08 on 28 Jun 2004 :

Added some swif features, including a random galery photo. Also added some cool code that probes the server and sets all the absoloute/relative paths plus the branding depending on where it's hosted, so future server moves and change of domain names should be a doddle.

The site will be on and off over the next week and will be linked from lorddef.net. Please feel free to add any design comments.

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Vague visual style applied

posted by: lorddef at 16:34:41 on 27 Jun 2004 :

A very basic visual style has now been applied. More thought needed.

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